Thursday, September 18, 2008

Terrarium fever and yarn

I love terrariums but this is silly. The world of knitting and crochet is a bizarre one. Just having lots of yarn and lots of time isn't a justification for making some of the stuff they have patterns for. Pick up any knitting magazine and you see at least 5 car wrecks of yarn-tastic horror. There are more pictures on Why Would You Knit That? a super cool site that lives up to its name.


Amanda Thomsen said...

So there is this theory that there are certain people that are on the same wave length no matter their location... We are terrarium twins!
Check this out!
I hope those links turn out, they look a little suspicious...

Rosengeranium said...

On the other hand its a way to combine two hobbies - try out a layout on an indoor garden in knitting before planting it using live plants. It wont speed up the process but perhaps add to the fun. :)