Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's talk about the weather

Sprouts! The cucumbers are coming up! The plants I transplanted are doing very well, my zucchini which was valiantly fighting squash bugs seems to be improving. I planted a parsley near it and the vine has shifted towards it. They seem to be getting along quite well, they're both putting out new leaves. Perhaps a good companion plant for the zucchini? I've been careful to inspect it for eggs and squish the few I find. Dilligence is the key.

The basil babies I transplanted straight into the garden are doing alright, a few gave up the ghost and a few are putting on more leaves and growing. Of the basil babies I transplanted to pots, only the multiple plantings seem to be doing well, the individuals have given up. Onto the compost heap with them, the cycle of life continues. I transplanted the beans yesterday and they seem a little overwhelmed by the heat but I shaded them through the worst part of the day. They'll shape up, if not the next round of beans are coming up in the kindergarden. My oregano hasn't sprouted yet and the peas are growing. I am soaking some nasturium seeds to plant tomorrow. They're supposed to repel squash bugs and I need all the help I can get. Check out the package isn't it pretty? Sorry the picture is blurry, I'm having problems taking close up pics with the camera.

There's a chance of rain today. Only 30% chance. Ok, here's something I don't understand, if there's less than 50% chance of rain why do the weather folk use a rainy cloud icon. 30% chance of rain means there's a 70% chance of no rain. Is it because Texas is in a perpetual state of drought? Is it supposed to be optimistic? Perchance could it be that local weather folk would have nothing to talk about otherwise? Is this about ratings? Am I too cynical? Probably.

This is from weather.com

Tue, September 9
Time Condition Feels
Humid. Wind
Evening Commute See Pollen Hot Spots
Isolated T-Storms
99°F 30% 62°F 41% From ESE 3 mph
Mostly Cloudy
97°F 20% 63°F 41% From E 4 mph

See what I mean?

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