Sunday, September 14, 2008

I don't like Ike

Ike is an asshole. We knew he would be difficult, and we were prepared. We knew when he was due to arrive and so we got ready for it. He was predicted to be terrible, but every cloud had a silver lining right? No matter how much of a bully he is there has to be a flip side to him. I stayed up into the wee hours watching the red and yellow swirl (big as Missouri) pummel our gentle coast on TV. I watched the skies in Austin turn gray and the trees whip around. I checked the weather, no I LIVED the weather hoping for that silver lining. Hoping for rain. Watching the color coded storm levels in great stripes across the patchwork of Texas counties. Calculating when to bunker down and how bad it could be? It was bad.

Ike smashed up Galveston, Houston and Beaumont and screwed with our already delicate beaches to the tune of 8 billion smackeroos. Not a drop of rain here in Austin. Millions displaced and it could be weeks before their electricity is back on. Yet all I can think of is I have seedlings to care for. Thirsty little seedlings that reach up to the sky begging for a drink. Now I have to placate them with the hose; let's face it, it's not the same. Sigh. Now I can't tell if Ike is the jerk or if I am. Well, I'm going to say Ike is. I didn't do $8 billion in damage, I just want to see silver linings in storm clouds as big as Missouri.

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