Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was reading Ramshackle Solid and I found out that the city of LA is using goats to trim weeds downtown. Link. How awesome is this? My sister had horses when we were young. One of the places where we boarded them had a goat named Abraham who was a mean cuss and would butt you in a heartbeat if you turned your back on him. However just a few years ago I knew some kids (ha ha! Ok, children) who kept goats for milk. These were some of the sweetest little critters. The day after one gave birth I was over to see the baby. Soooooo cute! And sweet tempered. Since I've gotten into knitting I've found there are some goats that produce excellent fiber for spinning such as mohair from an angora goat and the luxurious cashmere goat. My whole attitude towards these critters has changed.

Abraham is long gone by now and the future is wide open. Maybe one day S and I will have a goat or two? After all they are house trainable. Then again who wants a pet who can eat your socks, literally.

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