Monday, September 1, 2008


S and I went to the Cacti and Succulent Show at Zilker Botanical Garden. He dropped me off and searched for a parking spot while I walked into a wonderland!! I already love the otherworldly shapes and forms of these marvelous plants but it was even better to see them up close and personally. There are some awesome cacti and succulent pools on Flickr that I love to browse and it was so cool to see the real things. There was so much to look at and most of it was for sale.

After browsing around for a few minutes the organizers announced they were having a raffle and since they had sold few tickets and had lots of plants to give away the odds were good. I bought a ticket and I won! Here are my new additions! The lithop is a Lithop dorotheae and I’m not sure what the tall one is. I’ve been looking at a ton of cacti pictures online and I’ve yet to discover what it is. Any ideas?

By the time S showed up I’d already fallen in love with two more plants this String of Pearls, Senecio rowleyanus, and this triangular succulent, Haworthia viscose, that will begin to spiral as it grows up and sending spirally friends shooting up too. Very exciting!

S thinks the string of pearls looks like an H. P. Lovecraft plant with

bubbling tumor-like tendrils that will choke us in our sleep and eat our bodies. He has a point but I think it’s cute. That’s why we get along. And that’s why Cthullu hangs on my side of the bedroom.

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