Monday, December 15, 2008


I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted. Hey, it's not like anything's been going on, there was that election thing and some economy stuff, but everyone knows the holidays are a breeze. Ha! Anyways, I've been neglecting my garden too. I've gotten out to throw some water at it now and again and of course to drop off compost but I haven't spent much quality time in it since October.

That was until yesterday when I went to take a good look at what is going on in my garden.
I got some peas, the last jalapeno of the season, a bell pepper and miraculously some green tomatoes! It's been hot and cold for weeks, one day 80 degrees the next night near freezing. Somehow my tomato plants which got big but didn't set much fruit to speak of have been pretty tough. I planted Celebrity, which is a hybrid and beefsteak (I think) and I usually don't have much to do with either of those but I have a bunch of green tomatoes (in December!) I learned a lot of lessons such as "thin your carrots, damn it, or you end up with carrot threads!" And "some plants are more drought resistant than others." "Mulch is king in the land of never ending droughts" and "weeds are just flags for opportunities." Sound like sassy cross stitch plaques, eh?

Last night was the first really hard frost of the season and it's pretty cold outside so I am content to dream up my winter and spring game plan with a cup of hot tea and a pile of garden books. I have some cool pics to post from the little gardening I have done in the last few months and I promise not to be a stranger any more.