Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cauliflower and Tomatoes

Holy moly! Check out this sucker I got from my garden. I've been meaning to cook it but knew it would sit in the fridge for a little while and get old. So last night its time came and it had grown quite a bit. I also got some cilantro for a curry and some mint for a yogurt dish. When I washed it there were little water droplets shining like jewels and its almost a pretty upside down as right side up. I felt a little guilty cutting into it.
These green onions are wild onions that grow in a vacant lot. I know it's risky to eat wild foods but I was raised in the country and I know wild onions. If I saw mushrooms or anything I didn't 100% recognize I wouldn't eat it. When it doubt throw it out (or compost it.) Our horses used to eat wild onions and their already bad breath would turn truly horrible.

And here's it cooked and you can see the chives all over it. Spicy cauliflower, Yum.

These tomatoes were green two weeks ago and I put them all together in a bag and promptly forgot about them. I remembered just in time and they were all ripe and rosy. The bag trick works! They and the cilantro went into a curry and it was delicious. I should have gotten a picture of that too.