Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ping Mag link heaven

NNoooooooo! I just found out that Ping Mag my favorite Japanese culture resource is on hiatus. This is horrible news. They'll still be online and their articles will be accessible but no more articles will be published. Here are a few links to my favorites.

Guerrilla gardening in Tokyo. If plants were put out in public spaces here they would disappear due to sticky fingers/overzealous landscaping. Or they would die, because it never rains. Damn you Texas weather!

Japanese Packaging design#6: Imitating nature. Incredibly cool packaging both the real thing and artificial. The only things packaged in natural materials here in the US are tamales in corn husks, and even then they're usually wrapped in plastic.

Funny Vegetables, shapes and characters.

Super cool recycled and reused art work.

And lots of art that has plants and plants that are art.

And then there is all the cool architecture features, many about sustainable living and natural influences. The archives go back a few years and the browsing is fun. Check it out.

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