Saturday, September 29, 2007


I have had mixed results with houseplants. In my last apartment there was just one tragedy after another including a miniature rose plant that just lost the will to live and shriveled up within days. There have been experiments with ivies and jade plants even an herb garden that met a tragic end (we won't ever speak of that herb garden again).

Ever since moving in with S. there have been successes. I have a small succulent/cactus garden that is going really, really well. The baby toes (a plant, I swear) are about to bloom! I have an ivy that I brought back from the dead and a croton that has come back from the other side of the veil of death.

The best part of all of this is that these plants do more than just look pretty. They actually help clean the air. A lot of common houseplants are really good at removing airborne toxins such as dioxin (big-time carcinogen), and formaldehyde (often found in carpeting and new construction material). The heaviest hitter in the houseplant world is the golden pothos. Easy to grow and easy on the eyes NASA has done studies on the most thorough air cleaners and this plant takes the cake. Ivies are also pretty darned hard working and easy to find in nursuries or even the grocery store. Other common plants that will work hard to clean your air are spider plants, snake plants, peace lilies (makes me think of the movie Hot Fuzz!), palms, Chinese evergreen, bamboo, and more.

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